National Specialty

The National Specialty is hosted by various Regional Clubs or individual groups and is THE show for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs each year.   This show is the annual gathering for all things Swissy and rotates through the various regions of the United States.

Our Annual Club meeting is held in conjunction with the National as well as virtually any event you will see Swissys doing.  Conformation features the largest entry of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and holds special competitions for puppies, veterans, stud dogs and brood bitches.   Activities such as Weight Pulls, Pack Hikes, Obedience, Rally and Drafting are held each year and sometimes you will also see Herding events.  Educational Seminars discuss the health and well being of our breed.

By far, the best thing about attending a National Specialty is the camaraderie and the people you meet.  Knowing that everyone there has something in common (our love for the breed) often forms life long friendships.  Newcomers are welcomed with open arms and ALL are encouraged to join the fun.   Careful though, most people that attend a National Specialty end up rearranging their vacation time to coincide with the National Specialty for years to come!

Application to host a National Specialty
Judge’s Selection Process
National Specialty Rules/Guidelines & Checklist amended 2015


2019 GSMDCA National Specialty Details