Health Research Projects

 Health Research Projects

The following are research projects that the GSMDCA has helped fund or assisted with the collection of samples.


CHF Bloat Initiative – Charter Sponsor

*Article in Best In Show Daily discussing study and mention of GSMDCA

Rabies Challenge Fund

GSMD Health Survey

University of Missouri

Canine Epilepsy Research

Recently Completed:

Morris Animal Foundation

Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of a Drug to Control Epilepsy in Dogs


We are excited to announce the GSMDCA’s support of two important research projects through the AKC Canine Health Foundation’s Donor Advised Funds program. After reviewing breed health issues and current AKC CHF research projects, the Health Committee recommended the following donations:
$10,000 to the AKC Tick-Borne Disease Initiative
The AKC has committed to matching our donation, effectively doubling our support to $20,000!
In addition, the GSMDCA is recognized as Charter Sponsor of the Tick Borne Disease Initiative. This comes with a listing on their website, biannual progress reports on Tick Initiative grants and educational materials for our organization.

$7,500 to support hemangiosarcoma research
“02217: A Novel Mechanism to Regulate the Growth of Canine Hemangiosarcoma”
Investigator: Erin B. Dickerson
Institution: University of Minnesota
The current GSMDCA Health Committee owes a huge debt of gratitude to the previous term committee members for designing and conducting the OFA GSMD Health survey, with more than 1200 Swissy participants.  The information gained through this survey was useful in evaluating research projects and will serve the GSMD community for many years to come. Thank you Lisa Simonsen, Allison Allen and Janelle Kaiser! See the survey results at survey_swissy.html