New CHIC requirements for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs effective July 1, 2015

OFA 2008- 2013 Breed Health Survey Results


                 Mission Statement

The GSMDCA Health Committee was formed with the vision to improve the quality of life, health   and longevity in our Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.  Our mission is to:

Identify diseases and ailments of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD) and evaluate trendof these conditions within the breed.

Establish working relationships with the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF), Morris Animal Foundation and other canine health research organizations and individuals, so as to promote research into breed specific health issues.

Identify and recommend funding of specific health research projects to the GSMDCA Board of Directors, through the AKC CHF Donor Advised Funds or direct funding through the GSMDCA Health Designated funds.

Educate breeders and owners of GSMDs about breed specific health concerns and the importance of utilizing available health tests.