Working Activities

Swissies and their owners enjoy and often excel at various dog sports and activities. Titles can be earned through organizations such as the AKC, American Herding Breed Association, for example, and other sports earn titles through the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, such as drafting, back packing and weight pulling. And, of course, simply having fun with your Swissy hiking in the mountains or participating in a local parade reaps lots of rewards, too.

Whatever you decide to do, the pages contained in this section of the website offer tips for safely getting started in whatever activity you decide to pursue. Ideas for what gear you’ll need and how to train your Swissy are included, as well.  Additionally, every activity has a committee and chairperson dedicated to that sport.  Do not hesitate to contact them for more information.  To see which activities are taking place close to you, visit the Events Schedule.  

Have fun!







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Weight Pull