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Becoming a GSMDCA Member

GSMDCA Members receive the SENNtinel, published three times a year and loaded with club information, pictures and articles. The SENN is the official publication of the GSMDCA with the purpose of disseminating information on official club business, activities and other matters that relate specifically to the best interest of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the general membership of the club.

Yearly “full” membership fees are $25.00 for Individual Members or $35.00 for the dual Household Membership (two members in one household). Owning a Swissy and being a U.S. citizen and/or resident over 18 years old are prerequisites for “full” membership status. Applications must be sponsored by two full members of the GSMDCA.

Those not eligible for full membership who wish to join the Club to learn more about the GSMD, may join as an Associate Member at the cost of $25.00 per year.  Associate International Memberships (Canada) are $45.00 [$35.00/year plus a $10.00 yearly postage assessment].  Associate International Memberships (All Other Countries) are $60.00 [$35.00/year plus a $25.00 yearly postage assessment].  Associate and International Members do not need sponsors nor are they eligible to vote or hold office in the GSMDCA.

All Individual and Family Membership Applications must be supported by two sponsors who are currently members in good standing in the GSMDCA. Sponsorship is not necessary for Associate Membership.

For more information on GSMDCA Membership, please contact:
GSMDCA Membership Chair

Alison Burns
PO Box 321
Larkspur, CO 80118

2019 GSMDCA New Member Application and Guidelines – Print/Mail

2019 GSMDCA New Member Application and Guidelines – Online

2019 GSMDCA Membership Renewal – Print/Mail

2019 GSMDCA Membership Renewal Form – Online