Margaret Poole Lifetime Achievement Award

Margaret Poole Lifetime Achievement Award-To honor from time to time a person or team demonstrating a lifetime of commitment to the GSMD breed and exemplary service to the GSMDCA.

Nominees must have been a member in good standing of the GSMDCA for a minimum of 15 years.

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2017 Sandi Snyder
2016 Pat Saxon
2015 Not Awarded
2014 Molly Eichhoefer
2013 Huck Bothner & Jean Measell
2012 Julianne Wilson
2011 Blanche Roberts
2010 Brigitte Rhinehart
2009 Paulette Spiering
2008 Not Awarded
2007 Steve & Dori Likevich
2006 Karen Conant
2005 Kristin Kleeman
2004 Lori Price
2003 Bill and Jeannette Faure
2002 Cliff Dahl
2001 Cathy Cooper
2000 Dorothy Brackney
1999 Margaret Poole