Top Producing Breeder of Titles Award

Top Producing Breeder of Titles

The Top Producing Breeder of Titles award was created to recognize the breeder who produces dogs who earn conformation, performance and working titles.  This annual award recognizes the top breeder according to the Awards Chair Master Database as of December 31 of each year. At the end of each year, the Awards Chair will calculate the top breeder from the Master Database, which includes all AKC titles, GSMDCA titles, and AHBA and ASCA Herding titles.

Top Producing Breeders of Titles Guidelines

Year Top Producing Breeder of Titles # Titles Earned # of Different Dogs Earning Titles
2016 Kimberly Woollard

Cherished GSMD


8 agility, 5 pack, 6 CGC, 7 conformation, 5 draft, 2 herding, 2 obedience, 8 rally & 14 weight pull

2015 Kimberly Woollard

Cherished GSMD


8 agility, 5 CGC, 8 conformation, 2 draft, 1 pack, 5 obedience & 10 weight pull titles