Club Awards

Margaret Poole Lifetime Achievement Award – To honor from time to time a person or team demonstrating a lifetime of commitment to the GSMD breed and exemplary service to the GSMDCA.  Nominees must have been a member in good standing of the GSMDCA for a minimum of 15 years.

Friend of the Swissy – Awarded to the individual or team who has done the most for the GSMD within the year.

Ambassador of the Breed – To recognize purebred Swissies demonstrating extraordinary accomplishments as working/service dogs, both perpetuating the breed’s historical purpose by example and through motivating others in the interest and pursuit of preserving the GSMDs working heritage. Nominees must be purebred GSMD. Note: Titles may be considered but are not to define qualification for this award.

Exemplary Junior Award – To honor the Junior (age 9 to 18) who has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and dedication to the GSMD through participation in various events or community service that has contributed to the welfare of the breed or the GSMDCA.

AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award – This award honors those individuals who deserve special recognition that have made a difference in the sport of purebred dogs, embodied the AKC Code of Sportsmanship, and have been an active and valued member of an AKC member club. Medallions are awarded solely at the club’s discretion.

Top Producing Sires & Dams – Awarded to the top producing sire and dam of champions and of working titles in a calendar year.

Top Producing Breeder of Titles – The Top Producing Breeder of Titles award was created to recognize the breeder who produces dogs who earn conformation, performance and working titles.  This annual award recognizes the top breeder according to the Awards Chair Master Database as of December 31 of each year. At the end of each year, the Awards Chair will calculate the top breeder from the Master Database, which includes all AKC titles, GSMDCA titles, and AHBA and ASCA Herding titles.

Owner Handler Award – The GSMDCA Owner Handler awards were created to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of owners who show their own dogs in conformation.


*Discontinued in 2015*
Breeder’s Cup Award – 
The purpose of the Breeder’s Cup is to encourage the breeder to produce versatile Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and to promote quality breeding practices and good sportsmanship while recognizing the breeder with the most achievements within the calendar year.