Top Producing Breeder of Titles Award

Top Producing Breeders of Titles Guidelines


The Top Producing Breeder of Titles award was created to recognize the breeder who produces dogs who earn conformation, performance and working titles. The top breeder earning this award will receive a certificate at the Annual Awards Banquet.


Breeders must be a GSMDCA member in good standing as of December 31 of the year the award is earned, as well as the year the achievement award is given. In the event of co-breeders, both breeders will receive the points on the schedule listed in this document. Points are accrued by breeder name, not kennel name. No separate application is required of the breeder to be eligible for recognition. However, copies of ASCA and AHBA herding title certificates must be sent to the Awards Chair to be included in the Master Database to be counted toward this award.


Beginning in 2015, this annual award recognizes the top breeder according to the Awards Chair Master Database as of December 31 of each year. At the end of each year, the Awards Chair will calculate the top breeder from the Master Database, which includes all AKC titles, GSMDCA titles, and AHBA and ASCA Herding titles. The following titles are included in the Master Database and will be counted for this award:

  • Conformation (CH, GCH)
  • GSMDCA working (all pack, draft and weight pull titles)
  • AKC performance and working (all obedience, rally, tracking, agility, herding, CGC, THD and coursing titles)
  • Other herding (all ASCA and AHBA titles)

Point Schedule

The Awards Chair will assign one point for each titled earned. The breeder with the most points earns the Top Producing Breeder of Titles corresponding certificate.