GSMDCA National Specialty Past Winners



Best in Specialty

Best of Opposite

2018 – Farmington, UT GCHS Cherished I Never Met A Chocolate I Didn’t Like GCHG Double Q’s Spot On At Derby!
2017 – Bethlehem, PA GCH. Foundation’s Kai Houha GCH. Palisades Jellys Last Jam
2016 – St. Charles, IL GCHS Double Q’s Spot On At Derby! GCHB Swiss Run Derby’s Dauntless Star
2015 – Loveland, CO GCH. Derby’s Toast With Gusto GCH. Rivendell’s Tokyo Rose
2014 – Bethlehem, PA GCh. Breezy Ridge Maximus GCh. Wildest Dream Midnight in Havana
2013 – Purina Farms, MO GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto GCh. Rivendell’s Twilight
2012-Loveland, CO GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto GCh. Blossom Hill’s Magnificant Magnolia
2011-Clemmons, NC GCh. Nox’s George Bailey’s Irish Creme Ch. Quiet Valley’s Pistol Packin Mama
2010-Springfield, IL GCh. Shamrock’s Courageous Admiral Ch. Derby’s Call Me Kramer’s Moxie
2009-Farmington, UT Ch. TreenSea Lupine Serenade Ch. Lonestar’s Dusty Dawg
2008-Hueston Woods, OH Ch. Rippling Water’s Justus Ch. Alpenglow Ruby Riot
2007-Purina Farms, MO Ch. Suddanly Xemplar 007 Rivendell Ch. Alpenglow Ruby Riot
2006-Snowmass, CO Ch.Red Fern’s Beau Derby Ch. Cordillera’s Lil Bombardier
2005-Leesburg, VA Ch.Red Fern’s Beau Derby Ch. Lone Star’s Everybody Loves Jane
2004-Lexington, KY Ch. Lone Star’s Ryder Ch. Elsa von Himmelstor
2003-Palm Springs, CA Ch. Seavaridge’s Noble Swiss Ritz Ch. Sanita’s Afterall Joyce
2002-Perry, GA Ch. Treensea’s Hyde Park Rudy Ch. Derby’s Bewitching Samantha
2001-Springfield, IL Ch. Derby’s Bewitching Samantha Ch. Treensea’s Hyde Park Rudy
2000-Reno, NV Ch. Windrider A Timber Ch. Derby’s Mint Julep of Tico
1999-Virginia Beach, VA Ch. Derby’s Kleiner Kaiser Ch. Treemar’s Derby Ana v Thrall
1998-Columbus, OH Ch. Rise and Shine’s Blazing Riot Ch. Derby’s Darling Belline
1997-San Francisco, CA Ch. Shamrock Leader Ch. Barton Manor’s Diva
1996-Redding, PA Ch. Ky Quiet Riot v Sarmac Ch. Derby’s Darling Belline
1995-Lexington, KY Ch. Shamrock Leader   Hi Adventure Shamrock Lan



High in Trial

Bill Faure Memorial Trophy

2018 – Farmington, UT CH Pine Grove’s The Man You Need  CH Pine Grove’s The Man You Need
2017 – Bethlehem, PA GCH CH Cherished Deb’s Perfect Pot Of Tea  GCH CH Cherished Deb’s Perfect Pot Of Tea
2016 – St. Charles, IL GCH Wildest Dream Genuine Rock N Roll  CH Frecajo’s Ace of Base
2015 – Loveland, CO GCH Cornerstone’s Exquisite Warrior Maiden  GCH Cornerstone’s Exquisite Warrier Maiden
2014 Bethlehem, PA Ch Double Q’s Double Olive Martini  Ch Double Q’s Double Olive Martini
2013 Purina Farms, MO Ch Suma I-Am-Sam By Lonestar  Ch. Bermuda High’s Pick Up The Pace
2012 Loveland, CO Ch. Sunhaven’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl  Ch. Sunhaven’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
2011 Clemmons NC Ch. Shadetree’s Xenia of Twinpine   Ch. Shadetree’s Xenia of Twinpine
2010 Springfield, IL CH Breezy Ridge Cremant de Jura   Ch. Breezy Ridge Cremant de Jura
2009 Farmington, UT Flower Hill’s Adabergen  CH Edelweiss Born To Be Wild v. Cyn Oaks
2008 Hueston Woods, OH Ge-Lo Herc GW Brushcreek   CH Rippling Waters Havelock Key
2007 Purina Farms, MO CH Blossom Hill Cedar Brook   CH Blossom Hill Cedar Brook
2006 Snowmass, CO CH Snowy Mountain High n Mighty  CH Hamburg Seavaridge Tilly
2005 Leesburg, VA CH Dufenhof North To Alaska
2004 Lexington, KY Derby’s Whistle While You Work
2003 Palm Springs, CA CH Snowy Mountain High N’ Mighty
2002 Perry, GA Schonste Engi Robertson
2001 Springfield, IL CH Aly Man’s Clinton
2000 Reno, NV no dogs qualified
1999 Virginia Beach, VA CH Waterford’s Becket von Ironclad
1998 Columbus, OH Schonste Engi Robertson

Weight Pull


Most Weight Pulled (MWP)

Most Weight Pulled per Pound (MWPP)

2018 – Farmington, UT CH Ares Ticino Roberta Ana  – 3,050 pounds  S’rendis Hop on Pop  – 33.57x
2017 – Bethlehem, PA  CH Ares Ticino Roberta Ana  – 2,910 pounds  GCHB CH S’Rendi’s Purple Passion at Dahlgren  – 27.02x
2016 – St. Charles, IL  CH Ares Ticino Roberta Ana  – 3,500 pounds S’Rendi’s Nothing Else Matters at Dahlgren – 38.1x
2015 – Loveland, CO  GCHB CH S’Rendi’s Purple Passion at Dahlgren – 2,400 pounds  GCHB CH S’Rendi’s Purple Passion at Dahlgren – 22.22x
2014 Bethlehem, PA  Hogan – 2,220 pounds Dahlgren’s April Lily of the Valley – 21.69x
2013 Purina Farms, MO  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 2,465 pounds  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 23.93x
2012 Loveland, CO  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 3,785 pounds  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 36.18x
2011 Clemmons, NC  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 3,265 pounds  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 31.09x
2010 Springfield, IL  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 4,010 pounds  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 37.82x
2009 Farmington, UT  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 2,800 pounds  Bit-A-Swissy’s Bridger Teton – 28x
2008 Hueston Woods, OH  CH Suddanly SL Power Surge – 1,593 pounds Twin Peaks Remember the Alamo – 16.94x