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Best in Specialty

Best of Opposite

2018 – Farmington, UT

GCHS Cherished I Never Met A Chocolate I Didn’t Like

GCHG Double Q’s Spot On At Derby!

2017 – Bethlehem, PA

GCH. Foundation’s Kai Houha

GCH. Palisades Jellys Last Jam

2016 – St. Charles, IL

GCHS Double Q’s Spot On At Derby!

GCHB Swiss Run Derby’s Dauntless Star

2015 – Loveland, CO

GCH. Derby’s Toast With Gusto

GCH. Rivendell’s Tokyo Rose

2014 – Bethlehem, PA

GCh. Breezy Ridge Maximus

GCh. Wildest Dream Midnight in Havana

2013 – Purina Farms, MO

GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto

GCh. Rivendell’s Twilight

2012-Loveland, CO

GCh. Derby’s Toast With Gusto

GCh. Blossom Hill’s Magnificant Magnolia

2011-Clemmons, NC

GCh. Nox’s George Bailey’s Irish Creme

Ch. Quiet Valley’s Pistol Packin Mama 

2010-Springfield, IL

GCh. Shamrock’s Courageous Admiral

Ch. Derby’s Call Me Kramer’s Moxie

2009-Farmington, UT

Ch. TreenSea Lupine Serenade 

Ch. Lonestar’s Dusty Dawg 

2008-Hueston Woods, OH

Ch. Rippling Water’s Justus

Ch. Alpenglow Ruby Riot

2007-Purina Farms, MO

Ch. Suddanly Xemplar 007 Rivendell

Ch. Alpenglow Ruby Riot

2006-Snowmass, CO

Ch.Red Fern’s Beau Derby

Ch. Cordillera’s Lil Bombardier 

2005-Leesburg, VA

Ch.Red Fern’s Beau Derby

Ch. Lone Star’s Everybody Loves Jane

2004-Lexington, KY

Ch. Lone Star’s Ryder

Ch. Elsa von Himmelstor

2003-Palm Springs, CA

Ch. Seavaridge’s Noble Swiss Ritz 

Ch. Sanita’s Afterall Joyce

2002-Perry, GA

Ch. Treensea’s Hyde Park Rudy 

Ch. Derby’s Bewitching Samantha

2001-Springfield, IL

Ch. Derby’s Bewitching Samantha

Ch. Treensea’s Hyde Park Rudy 

2000-Reno, NV

Ch. Windrider A Timber

Ch. Derby’s Mint Julep of Tico

1999-Virginia Beach, VA

Ch. Derby’s Kleiner Kaiser

Ch. Treemar’s Derby Ana v Thrall

1998-Columbus, OH

Ch. Rise and Shine’s Blazing Riot

Ch. Derby’s Darling Belline

1997-San Francisco, CA

Ch. Shamrock Leader

Ch. Barton Manor’s Diva

1996-Redding, PA

Ch. Ky Quiet Riot v Sarmac

Ch. Derby’s Darling Belline

1995-Lexington, KY

Ch. Shamrock Leader

     Hi Adventure Shamrock Lan

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