2017 National Specialty

When: May 13-19, 2017

Where: Bethlehem, PA–Leigh Best Western Hotel and Conference Center
$99 per night includes hot breakfast and up to three dogs

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Updated Schedule

Who to Contact: Cheryl Gerzabek alastairgsmd@gmail.com or Mary Jo Rasmussen mjrasmus@gmail.com

Judges’ Education Contacts: Ann Hansen hansen567@yahoo.com or Jennie Chen jennie@romanreign.com

Website: www.2017gsmdns.com

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Many thanks to our generous Sponsors:
Club Sponsors C & P, Club of the Rockies, Crooked River, Lakeshore, MAGS, SCONE, Southbound
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Approved Judges:
National Specialty
Best of Breed & Juniors—Catherine O. Cooper
Obedience—Nancy Withers
Rally—Marilou McCloskey
Sweepstakes—Janelle Kaiser
Futurity/Maturity—Lori Houha
Puppy Match–Chloe Sienkewicz

Independent Specialty
Best of Breed & Juniors—Carol Brown
Sweepstakes—Mary Beth Usery

Herding Trials
Gerard Baudet
Terry Wofford

Draft Trials
Bethany Karger
Mary Jo Rasmussen
Bob Rogers
Sara Steele

Weight Pull
Linda Kaminski
Teri Stanger

Weight Pull–Linda Kaminski
Draft Trial–Jim Rasmussen
Pack Hike–Danyelle Sweeney
Obedience/Rally–Doreen Holly
Herding–Kelly Nevin
Triathlete Challenge–Megan Westenmeyer
Treasurer–Kelly Nevin
Raffle–Janie Hecker
Catalog Advertising–Chloe Sienkewicz
Reserved Crating–Laurie Carmody
Ways & Means–Leslie Gillette & Denise Mitterando
Banquet–Debbie Echols
In Memorium Tribute–Katie Markley
Top 20–Liz Coit
Independent Specialty Trophies–Mary Beth Usery
National Specialty Trophies–Cheryl Gerzabek
Master Registration Forms–Mary Jo Rasmussen