OFA Ch. of Health

OFA Champion of Health Annual Award Program

Celebrates dogs that have achieved significant accomplishments, whether in the ring, field, performance events, as working dogs, or as producers, AND that have the full complement of breed appropriate health screening.

Any AKC registered GSMD can be nominated by its owner, breeder or admirer. Each nomination should include a write-up of the dog’s accomplishments as well as a record of its health certificates. Please use this nomination form.


Nominated GSMD’s will be evaluated by the GSMDCA’s Board of Directors who will forward their top three nominations to the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals (OFA). OFA  will select the GSMD OFA Champion of Health, which will be announced at the GSMDCA Annual Awards banquet.

Deadline for receipt of nominations for each annual cycle is March 31st. Email or mail your nomination form to board@gsmdca.org



Ch Matterhorn Whispering Palms Pleiades CD, RA, NAP, NJP, NFP, JHD, WPDX, DD, WWD, TT, VGS



Ch Shadetree’s Xenia of Twinpines UDX, RE, AXP, MJP,VGSX,MDD,BDD,WWD