Date(s) of Proposed Pack Hike
January 10-11, 2015
Event Name
Keygan Memorial Hitchcock Woods Hike
Sponsoring Club
Southbound GSMD Club
Hike Location/Address/Directions/Map
Aiken, SC
Historic Horse District and Hitchcock Woods
Day 1 Trail Head – Coker Springs Road Entrance to Hitchcock Woods
Day 2 Trail Head – 1717 Dibble Road Entrance to Hitchcock Woods
Proof of Insurance
Sportsmen’s Insurance Agency Plan, Inc. Coverage Period 2/19/14 – 2/19/15
Brief Trail Description
The Historic Horse District in Aiken consists of dirt roads leading to a number of training stables, a horse race track and polo field. Hitchcock Woods is a 2,000-acre urban forest that contains over 65 miles of trails. All trails are natural sandy terrain, ranging from flat dirt roads to narrow hilly trails. Trail lengths were determined by a mileage legend on the Hitchcock Woods official trail map, GPS, car odometer (historic section). Maps with marked trails and mileage will be emailed.

The hike on day one will begin with a three-mile dirt road tour of Aiken’s Historic Horse District; the remainder of the hike will be in Hitchcock Woods adjacent to the horse district. This hike will start at the Coker Springs entrance at 10:30 am. The hike on day two will be on a different set of trails in Hitchcock Woods. This hike will begin at 8:00 am from Melissa Jarriel’s residence, which is across from one of the entrances to the woods.

Hike Coordinator Name
Melissa Jarriel
Hike Coordinator Phone
Hike Coordinator Email
Event fee
Net revenues will go to:
Southbound GSMD Club
Type of Hike
8 Mile back-to-back – 2 Day (16 miles total)
Emergency Vet Clinic (verify availability before submitting this application)
Animal Emergency Clinic
2401 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA
(706) 733-7458
Closest Hospital or Emergency Service
Aiken Regional Medical Centers
302 University Parkway
Aiken, SC 29801-1117
Will First Aid kit be available on the hike?
How will hike mileage be verified?
Prior Hike
If ‘Prior Hike’ chosen above, please give the name and date of prior hike:
January 11 – 12, 2014
Will scale be available at start of hike for weighing dogs?
No (if no, dog’s weight must be provided by vet clinic documentation within 7 days of hike)