Date: January 26, 2019

Hike Location/Address/Directions/Map
Mary Moore Seawright Park 907 West Slaughter Lane, Austin, TX 78748.

From I-35 in south Austin, exit onto Slaughter Lane and head west. After a couple of turns in the road look for Yarsa Blvd. or Palace Parkway on the right. That’s your key to prepare to turn left, immediately after some apartments that abut the park entrance. The parking area is quite a distance back, past the radio controlled plane airport.

Brief Trail Description
  The Hike: Mary Moore Searight Metro Park off of Slaughter Lane never strays too far from civilization. The busy road to its north and I-35 provide enough road noise, though not excessively loud, to remind the hiker that one is not too far from the bustling city around it. The main loop through the park is popular for runners or walkers, further cutting into any desired solitude.
Hike Coordinator Name
  Jennie Chen
Hike Coordinator Phone
  (512) 981-7627
Hike Coordinator Email
Event fee
Type of Hike
  10 Mile – 1 Day