GSMD Weight Pull

K9JYM 252 Bethlehem Pike (309)

Colmar, PA  18915

Contact:  Denise Mitterando at


Saturday, April 28

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration Opens and Weigh-in

9:15 AM – Handler’s Meeting

9:30 AM – Weight Pull

Cost:  $30 per dog

Hander’s Meeting for Novice

15 minutes later –  Novice Pull

*Novice Pull will be five pulls or 500 lbs / Weigh-in not required

Cost:  $15 per dog


What is a Novice Pull?  Teams in the novice dogs class are limited to 5 pulls and max weight of 500 lbs, the handler is allowed to use a leash to coax the dog to pull, but is not allowed to pull the load with the leash by pulling on the dog. The handler is also allowed to approach his/her dog to give the dog encouragement, as well as touch the dog if needed. A Judge may stop a Novice dog from pulling at any time for the safety of the dog mentally or physically.


Novice Pulls do not count towards titles, but are perfect for trying out the sport.  Harnesses will be available.


Sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club