Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club

Thursday, October 26 – Monday, October 30, 2017

This year’s event is dedicated to our dear friend and long time club member, ​Val Guthrie, who will be sorely missed.


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The Black Diamond Hike October 28th and October 29th

This is a back to back hike located in Ithaca, NY, 8 miles two days in a row, and has been approved by the National Pack Hike Chair and completing this hike will give you 2 legs toward a title.

Hike Coordinator:  Karen Pyle


Saturday Information:

Meet at 9am at Turtle Lane off of route 89, in Ithaca NY.  This is part of Cass Park on the south end of Cayuga Lake by the Ithaca children’s garden address is 121 Turtle Lane Ithaca, NY

The hike will start at 9:30am, after everyone meets and packs are weighed.

The trail is rated easy and is part of the old Lehigh Valley Railway Trail. It is relatively flat, with rolling elevation change, it is a wide cindered path used by runners, bicyclers and walkers.  It is a nice beginner hike, or a nice hike for those who do not want a lot of uneven terrain.

All dogs must be on leash, it is carry it in, carry it out, and we must clean up after our dogs.  There is a rest room at the beginning of the hike on Saturday, but there are no restrooms during the hike.  It parallels Cayuga Lake and hopefully there will be some beautiful views that time of year.

Cost for the two days of hiking is $30, the revenue for this hike will go to the National Club


Cayuga Medical Center 101 Dates Drive Ithaca NY 14850 , 607-274-4011, emergency number 607-274-4411

Vet hospital

Cornell Vet Hospital 930 Campus Road Ithaca, NY 14853  (607)253-3060


Close to the sight that takes dogs:

Grayhaven Motel

657 Elmira Road Ithaca NY 14850 607-272-6434

*****Please note there will not be a scale on sight to weigh dogs, you must bring documentation from a vet clinic of your dogs weight, it needs to be completed 7 days prior to the hike date.

There will be a weight to measure packs that day.


Sundays hike will be starting at the other end of the black diamond trail in the upper falls area of Taughannock.  I will have maps available on Saturday to distribute so everyone knows where we are meeting that day.

Meeting time on Sunday will be at 8:30am, and after packs are weighed, hike will begin, so hikers will be able to make their way home safely after the hike.


Trail map can be seen on Or look aat, look up black diamond

Please feel free to contact me to ask questions

Please let me know if you are planning to attend , so we can make sure everyone is accounted for prior to the hike for a great day.


Ithaca this weekend is hosting, Harry Potter Weekend, and transforming some of the commons into hogswart area

There are also many wineries that go along the lakes east and west side for anyone that is interested after the hike for something to do.

Nearby Aurora is home to Mackenzie Childs, and there are numerous restaurants etc.  This is also home to Ithaca College and Cornell University.

Hope you decide to come hike with us in the Finger Lakes.


The guidelines and rules established by the National Club for pack hikes will be followed, if you are new to pack hikes please familiarize yourself with the rules that need to be followed.  There is also general information on training tips for  you and your dog, please plan accordingly to train for this event, even though it is a easy rated hike, it can be strenuous if you have not properly trained you and your dog.