Hike Coordinator Name
Kelly Lovley
Hike Coordinator Phone
(413) 218-7085
Hike Coordinator Email
The Robert Frost Trail, Walt Whitman Trail and Connecting Trails owned by the town of Amherst, and the town of Amherst Water Supply.
We will start at 9 Round Hills Road and parallel January Hills Rd, to the Atkins Reservoir which is seen on the Section 8 Robert Frost Trail Map, we will take the loop counterclockwise trail around the reservoir and Joining the RFT at the south end of the lake, we will then take the RFT across Pratt Corner Road to the base of Poverty Mountain, we will then reverse back in the RFT to the Walt Whitman Trail which we will take to the end (Flat Hills Rd) then reserve back to the RFT and follow the RFT until it reaches Flat Hills Road, then we will reverse again and follow the RFT back to the south end of the Atkins Reservoir, and then take the loop trail and January Hills back to the start point. The trail was mapped via GPS for a full moon hike in 2010 for a total of 10.2 miles.