Standing Rules of the Board of Directors

J. Annual Honorary Awards

  1. Annual Awards offered:

    1. Friend of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: – To be awarded to the GSMDCA member who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication and altruism contributing to the welfare of the GSMD (in the United States). By way of example and not by way of limitation, consideration should be given to involvement and contribution on behalf of breed education, mentorship, rescue, health, and similar efforts for the benefit of the breed and its owners.

    2. Ambassador of the Breed Award – To recognize purebred Swissies demonstrating extraordinary accomplishments as working/service dogs, both perpetuating the breed’s historical purpose by example and through motivating others in the interest and pursuit of preserving the GSMDs working heritage. Nominees must be purebred GSMD.

      (Note: Titles may be considered but are not to define qualification for this award.)

    3. The Margaret Poole Lifetime Achievement Award – To honor from time to time a person or team demonstrating a lifetime commitment to the GSMD breed and exemplary service to the GSMDCA. Nominees must have been active members in good standing of the GSMDCA for at least 15 years.

    4. Exemplary Junior Award: to honor who has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship and dedication to the GSMD in the preceding year through participation in AKC’s Junior Handler Program (provide AKC Handler number on nomination) and various events or community service that has contributed to the welfare of the breed or the GSMDCA. Parent or guardian of the junior must be a member of the GSMDCA. If no qualified candidates are nominated the Board may elect to not present the award. Initiated at the 2006 Snowmass, Colorado National Specialty.

  2. Method of Selection:

    1. The President must place an announcement in the 3rd triennial SENNtinel seeking nominations for these four awards from the membership to be received by a member of the Board by January 31st. Late nominations will not be accepted.

    2. The Board shall vote by secret ballot to be sent to the Recording Secretary.

    3. The Board will not discuss the merits of any nomination until after the deadline.

    4. The Board may request additional information from the nominators.


K. Specialties

  1. The National Specialty will be held in successive years in the West, Midwest, and East regions as defined in the National Specialty Guidelines. If members do not wish to host the National in their designated year, members from the other regions may host the National by petitioning the Board in writing.

  2. As the GSMDCA grows and Recognized Clubs form, this section will be changed to increase the number of regional divisions and to clarify the rules for application to host the National Specialty.

  3. The GSMDCA approved National Specialty Guidelines contain the rules and regulations that must be followed by the recognized club hosting the National Specialty.

  4. It is the responsibility of the chair of the National Specialty to organize the gathering of all results for publication by the Communications Committee and distribution to the Awards Chair, Historian and Statistician.

  5. The GSMDCA Treasurer shall appear as a signatory on all national specialty bank accounts.

  6. The sponsorship of the Best of Breed Trophy at the National Specialty will be offered to the BOB winner from the previous year. If that is refused the sponsorship will be open to the general membership.

    L. Miscellaneous


  1. These Standing Rules may be reviewed and revised as needed by a majority vote of the Board.

  2. The use of the GSMDCA membership roster for commercial, personal gain or political purposes shall not be permitted.



Updated: June 2016

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