Standing Rules of the Board of Directors

G. Budget

  1. The Treasurer shall submit a triennial financial statement for publication by the Communications Committee.

  2. The Board will approve the release of funds for trophies for National Specialties, or may approve the set up of a fund for expenses for National Specialties, on an annual basis after reviewing the budget submitted by the Treasurer.

  3. Based on availability of funds, the Treasurer shall include a $2,000 annual donation in the proposed budget to the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

  4. On occasion members will be asked to represent the GSMDCA and will be eligible for travel reimbursements. Examples of such representation includes, but is not limited to AKC Parent Club Conference, AKC Delegate meetings, the AKC-CHF Conference, Meet the Breed and other important conferences or events pertaining to club business. GSMDCA representation at these meetings should not be limited to those members that can afford the expense.

    1. These expenses will be approved in the annual budget. The amounts to be determined by each Board as part of the budget or budget amendment process. If the member feels they will incur expenses above the budgeted amount they must be preapproved by the board.

    2. The attendees are required to report to the membership with a report to be published by the Communications Committee if applicable.

    3. Eligible reimbursements may include lodging, meals and transportation expenses. Members are asked to acquire the most economical accommodations and transportation. If for personal reasons, the member chooses upgrades in accommodations and transportation, the member is responsible for the additional costs; regardless of the available budget.

    4. Other expenses such as beverages, laundry, tips, portage, telephone charges, are not eligible for reimbursement.

    5. Cash stipends received from organizations must be split with all member participants. The stipend and the list of members participating should be forwarded to the National Treasurer for disbursement.

    6. The treasurer will reimburse the member as promptly as possible.


H. Recording Secretary

  1. The Recording Secretary shall:

    1. Maintain a current list of Standing Rules and the Bylaws. The Recording Secretary is authorized to make editorial changes as defined in the GSMDCA parliamentary authority.

    2. Shall prepare triennial minutes of the Board meetings.

      1. These minutes will be posted to the Board Bulletin Board.

      2. The minutes will be considered approved by consensus if no correcting comments are made within 2 calendar days.

      3. Minutes may report on all other matters discussed by the board, including failed motions

      4. Approved Minutes must be submitted to the Communications Committee for publication

    3. shall forward the results from official authorized balloting of the membership to the Communications Committee for publication

    4. Provide current copies of the Bylaws, Standing Rules, Breed Standard, and Breeder Guidelines for annual publication by the Communications Committee.

    5. Submit proposed revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws or Breed Standard to the membership by mail with the ballot or by submission for publication in the Newsletter prior to balloting the membership.

    6. Store an archival copy of all updated GSMDCA governance documents and all approved minutes in the document vault.

    7. Review all correspondence sent to the board e-mail and either respond from the board e-mail, forward it to the appropriate appointee or committee for response, or post it to the bulletin board for board discussion.

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