Standing Rules of the Board of Directors

B. Appointed Positions Rules

  1. The President shall appoint members to appointed positions and committees, Standing or Special, as needed to serve the best interest of the Club.

  2. All appointments made by the President must be approved by the Board.

  3. There is no limit on the terms appointees may serve. There is no implied right of ownership to appointed positions. All appointments fall to the floor at the end of a Board’s term of office. All current appointees wishing to remain in their status must follow the same process for those seeking an initial appointment.

  4. All appointees’ actions with regard to their responsibilities to the GSMDCA are subject to the final authority of the Board. Appointees wishing to resign at any time from their position must do so in writing or by e-mail to the Board.

  5. All appointees’ should advise the Board if they are unable to fulfill their appointed position’s responsibilities in a timely manner. All efforts will be made to ensure that adequate support is available.

  6. All members in appointed positions will submit a report to the Board twice yearly. Reports submitted and published in the club newsletters will satisfy compliance with this rule.

  7. Appointees of the respective committees responsible for working dog tests, temperament tests, obedience trials, and agility trials, all performance events, etc., shall forward results to the Communications Committee and the Awards Chair.

  8. Each committee is encouraged to develop goals.

  9. All committee chairs are responsible for submitting the names of committee members and proposed budgets to the Board by February 15 of the calendar year.

  10. All documents necessary to verify the approval of GSDMCA events and awarded titles are the property of the GSDMCA. All committee chairs are responsible for maintaining those documents for their term of office.

  11. All outgoing committee chairs must forward any GSMDCA records to the incoming committee chairs within 30 days of the announcement of their appointment. All other Board members must forward any GSMDCA records to the incoming President within 30 days.

  12. Any records not necessary for the current charge of a committee are to be forwarded to the President and Recording Secretary for storage in the document vault.

  13. The Board will communicate all other vacancies in appointed positions to the membership via the Recognized Clubs, the web-site, Facebook and email blast. The Board will select a replacement from both the names submitted and other qualified members by a majority vote.

C. AKC Delegate

The AKC Delegate is the communication link between the GSMDCA and the AKC. As soon as the Delegate receives the Delegate Meeting agenda, s/he will post it to the GSMDCA Board Bulletin Board for guidance and direction in casting votes in the upcoming meeting. The Delegate may wish to elaborate on agenda items so the Board understands the context of the items, and share insights the Delegate has received during conversations at previous Delegate Meetings or the electronic listserves. The Board will make the review and discussion of the agenda a priority to ensure guidance and direction are provided to the Delegate in advance of the Delegate Meeting.

The Delegate should prepare a brief summary of the Delegate Meeting and post it to the GSMDCA Board Bulletin Board as soon after the meeting as possible, and submit the summary to the eSENN editor for inclusion in the next eSENN. Additionally, the Delegate should relay pertinent information to the GSMDCA committee chairs that affects the purpose, scope and/or function of the committee.

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