Standing Rules of the Board of Directors


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The GSMDCA Constitution and Bylaws authorize the Board of Directors (Board) to represent the members of GSMDCA. Unless specifically authorized in the bylaws, individual board members have no power when acting on their own. The Board provides a vision of where the GSMDCA should be in the future and directs the “daily” operations of the GSMDCA.

The GSMDCA Board acknowledges that the consistent application of the GSMDCA’s governance policies is essential to protect the rights of all members. As such these governance policies will be uniformly (fairly and impartially) applied to all members, regardless of length of membership or any past or perceived future contributions.

To assist the Board in the fair and impartial treatment of members and to communicate those expectations, the Board has established these standing rules.


A. Board Meetings and Board Business.

  1. In addition to called meetings, the Board will conduct business through the use of an electronic bulletin board or through email or conference call.

  2. The Board may choose to consider individual business under the procedures applicable to either a deliberative assembly or a small board as defined in the GSMDCA parliamentary authority.

  3. All documentation of electronic deliberations is the property of the GSMDCA.

  4. Board members can and should express any and all objections to proposed actions. Once a decision is made, board members are responsible for supporting the decision.  Board members will not talk against action taken by the board.

  5. The specifics of Board business are strictly confidential.

  6. Motions for which the Board has expressed consensus will be adopted by consensus.

  7. Board members have one week, unless extended by the President or a consensus of the Board, to cast votes on called motions.

  8. Motions made as a result of other Board topical discussions may be called for a vote within 48 hours but not to exceed one week.

  9. Board actions which have the effect of being standing rules will be added to these rules by the Recording Secretary.

  10. Board minutes will be written in accordance with the procedure for “Minutes To Be Published” as defined in the GSMDCA parliamentary authority.

  11. The Board will use the GSMDCA’s newsletters (SENNtinel & E-SENNtinel Matters), web-site ( and the official GSMDCA Facebook page to communicate with the membership. The Board will use the internet email address ( to communicate with individual members.

  12. In cases of vacancies in the Recording Secretary and Treasurer positions, the Board may solicit individual members. In cases of vacancies in Director positions, the Board will communicate vacancies to the membership via the Recognized Clubs, the web-site and the official GSMDCA Facebook page.

  13. All outgoing officers must forward any GSMDCA records to the incoming officers within 30 days. All other Board members must forward any GSMDCA records to the incoming President within 30 days.

  14. The treasurer will purchase crime insurance annually.

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