GSMDCA Draft Test Application

GSMDCA Draft Test Application

Application is due to the GSMDCA DWC Chair no later than 4 months prior to the date of the test. Please submit a map and description of the selected Draft Test site including the one-mile distance freight haul to Jim Rasmussen at or via mail to:

Jim Rasmussen
3152 Holmes Run Rd
Falls Church, VA 22042.

By submitting this application, you certify that all GSMDCA Draft Test Regulations will be followed and guarantee that all equipment, personnel and other required provisions will be available a the Draft Test site.

  • Please enter all dates associated with this draft test.
  • Groups hosting a trial must have their own insurance. Please include Insurance company name and policy number along with any other information you feel would be helpful.
  • If not GSMDCA member judges, please list their qualifications for judging a GSMDCA approved test (i.e., Newfoundland Dog or Bernese Mountain Dog judge – see 8.5f)
  • Draft Test Chairman Information

  • Draft Test Secretary Information

  • Additional Committee Members